REACH2025: Jordan’s Digital Economy Action Plan

The REACH2025 initiative is based on Jordan’s strengths and opportunities for responding to the current digital strengths and for making Jordan relevant in the global digital economy.

REACH2025 Vision is to have a digital economy that empowers people, sectors and businesses to raise productivity and ensure growth and prosperity, creating a highly attractive business destination for investments and international partnerships.

REACH2025 Mission: Jordan will Ensure a highly stable, nurturing business environment. Drive creative and innovative technologies in key niche sectors and markets. Strengthen the entrepreneurial mindset of the country, supported by specialized skills. Support the transformation towards being a platform for innovation in international partnerships. Spur innovation through open access in technology, people, standards and data.

REACH2025 action plan seeks to streamline the digital transformation across the entire Jordanian economy. With the plan, Jordan is moving away from seeing ICT as an isolated sector and towards digitizing the entire Jordanian economy with emphasis on niche markets and global value chains. This is about creating a transformation across the economy through digitization of early adopters in: Health, Energy and CleanTech, Education, Finance, Transport, Communications and Security.

If the action plan is implemented by the private and public sector, REACH2025 projects by 2025: acceleration of GDP growth could by an additional 3% to 4%, our digital economy sectors’ revenue could increase by up to 25% to 30%, adding up to 130,000 to 150,000 jobs, and establishing as many as 5,000 to 7,000 new businesses in the digital economy.

The core elements of REACH2025 include:

  • Smart Specialization & Growth
  • Public sector innovation
  • Startups & entrepreneurship
  • Skills, capacity & talent
  • Enabling business environment
  • Smart digital economy infrastructure

Fundamentally, REACH2025 action plan seeks to accelerate digitization across Jordan and support, enable and inspire the next generation of digital entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs building on Jordan’s strength of being a young and tech-savvy nation.

REACH2025 was officially launched during the MENA ICT Forum 2016 on November 09 & 10, 2016, the detailed Action Plan and Executive Summary documents are posted below for reference

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